August 2, 2020

The „Sendung mit der Maus“ as a guest of Cobiax

Last Thursday a film team was a guest at a Cobiax construction site for the “Sendung mit der Maus“ (a children’s series on German television) to find out with the „Maus“ reporter what these mysterious black spheres and ellipses are all about.

All aspects of Cobiax processing on a construction site were observed. Assembly, transport and installation. The casting of the concrete could not yet be filmed today, but will take place next week. Of course the Flashfilm team did not want to disturb the process on the construction site.

The „Dreiländergalerie“ was chosen as the perfect construction object, as both the spherical Cobiax EL and the elliptical Cobiax SL are used here. In the best summer weather in hot Weil am Rhein, the site manager of the company W.S. Gewerbebau made sure that all shots were in the box, which are so important for the high-quality „Lach- und Sachgeschichten“ (Stories to laugh and learn) of the „Sendung mit der Maus“. The story has to be told in its entirety. In the course of production, the manufacture of the recycled plastic granulate from which the Cobiax void formers are made is shown as well. At the end there will surely be another great „Maus“ report. We are already looking forward to it.

In order to solve the mystery surrounding the void formers, the „Maus“ reporter had everything explained to her in detail – and she was even handling stuff herself.

We would like to thank the construction management for their commitment and of course the great support of the construction workers. 

The Cobiax Team.

Images: © Heinze Cobiax Deutschland GmbH


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