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Here you can find the official Cobiax videos.
CQL – The easiest way to voided slabs.
We would like to briefly introduce you to the new software tool from Cobiax and go through the most important functions in a comprehensible way.
(German version, English coming soon)
What the moon landing was for space travel, the Cobiax CLS is for contemporary construction.
The most innovative product in void former technology is now approved by German building authorities.

The Mouse explains Cobiax

At the beginning of August, a film team assigned by the WDR (West German Broadcasting Corporation) visited us at the construction site in Weil am Rhein and produced a great report about the Cobiax void former technology. As usual in the well-known quality of “Sendung mit der Maus” (a children’s series on German television).
(Copyrighted video in German)

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Assima is rising
Work in progress. The largest commercial building in Kuwait City.
Safe the climate: Now
Eight percent of global CO2 emissions are caused by cement production: 2.8 billion tonnes of CO2. per year. Cobiax void former systems reduce the amount of concrete required for a concrete slab by up to 35%. Since 2000: 180,000 tonnes of CO2 reduction thanks to Cobiax. Our technology, which now works and is certified. Not years from now. All information at
Assembly and installation of Cobiax CLS
This video impressively demonstrates how quickly and easily the half-shells of the Cobiax CLS structural formers are assembled and finally installed. Just lay them together. Done.
Assembling Cobiax SL on site (Fast-Track-Version)
In this video we demonstrate how quickly the Cobiax void former modules are assembled.
Assembling Cobiax SL on site
Depending on how your order was placed, Cobiax SL will be delivered either as ready assembled modules or as individual parts such as half shells, fixing elements and clips. In the latter case, these parts are then assembled directly on site. We present the assembly with a void-former module consisting of 7 void formers. Of course the whole thing is identical with only 6 void formers.
See for yourself in this summarizing clip the immense benefits of using Cobiax technology. Here we compare illustratively a solid reinforced concrete slab and a Cobiax reinforced concrete slab. There are considerable differences – you will be amazed!
This is CLS
Cobiax CLS – For Wider Scopes with all kinds of slabs – no matter how thick they are. Newly designed structural formers for the production of material-efficient, lightweight reinforced concrete slabs. The innovative product line was developed especially with regard to optimized logistics, assembly, simple handling on the construction site, robustness, safety and high performance for all slab thicknesses.
This is SL
Cobiax SL – For Wider Scopes with slimmer slabs. The modular product line for international use, thanks to the void former technology. This line of products enables effective transport and easy assembly.
Wider Scopes
With this goose-pimple moment Cobiax would like to take you into the world of void forming. Follow us on a journey with the help of this small collage from the beginnings of the use of hollow bodies to the unparalleled perfection of the Cobiax void forming technology.