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Cobiax voided slab technology: the sum of all the advantages

The Cobiax advantage is multi-dimensional. The voided slab building method is not only more sustainable than any solid construction. Rather, when all the cost aspects are taken into account, it is also cost effective, and – thanks to the excellent Cobiax quality assurance systems – it is extremely safe.


Cobiax voided flat plate slab constructions fulfil the most stringent international standards.

Due to the reduction in the weight of the slabs, the risks of sudden loads are reduced (e.g. during an earthquake). The Cobiax quality assurance guidelines set standards for plastic-based building materials; they ensure permanent stability for many generations to come.


The use of plastic and voiding material replaces at least 25 – 30% of the concrete used for conventional building methods. This reduces the CO2 emissions, even during the production; the amount of building sand required is also reduced. The void formers themselves are made of 100% recycled plastic; the construction remains stable over several decades and centuries.


The economic advantages: The required volumes of concrete that need to be transported, drops by about 30%, as does the transport load. The bearing components of the construction can be made lighter and more elegant, due to the reduction of the load to be carried; this reduces the costs even further. Thanks to the lighter design of the building itself, the available net space also increases; this in turn, leads to an increase in the possible returns.


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