Innovative CLS product line receives DIBt approval

A big step for Cobiax …

… and a milestone for contemporary, environmentally friendly and economical construction with concrete.
Cobiax’s internationally patented void-former technology has now received official approval for uncomplicated and safe installation by German building authorities for all product lines.

What the moon landing was for space travel,

the Cobiax CLS is for contemporary construction with voided concrete slabs.

Until now, only the two already approved product lines SL and EL were available for the design of Cobiax voided concrete slabs. With the DIBt approval, these slabs can now also be realized safely and easily worldwide with the CLS.

Everything is ready for you.

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CLS application data sheet

Updated overview of technical figures

“How to Cobiax” brochure

The updated quick guide to the Cobiax CLS.

DIBt approval document

Security sealed.
Since February 25th, 2021 it is certified in black and white: Cobiax CLS has received the general building authority approval of the German Institute for Building Technology. This gives the CLS product line an official lead over almost all competing products – if you want safe void-former technology, you can rely on Cobiax CLS.

Technology leader for voided concrete slabs

For decades, Cobiax has been setting the pace in the field of void-former technologies: CO2 savings, lighter constructions with larger spans and an overall more filigree supporting structure are the impressive advantages of Cobiax technology.
And Cobiax is constantly developing this groundbreaking technology further – the new CLS structural givers are not only extremely easy to integrate, but can also be used flexibly in their 19 different sizes for all corner thick-nesses from 20 to 80 cm.

For architects

Your advantages of DIBt approval.

Approval simplifies and shortens the planning process: Architects can be sure that slabs designed with Cobiax are safe. Buildings designed in this way do not require individual case-by-case testing. The advantages of Cobiax voided concrete slabs, such as larger spans and easy conversion, can be used as security without any time delay.

For engineers

Your advantages of DIBt approval.

Structural design with environmentally friendly and sustainable Cobiax installation elements becomes easier and safer: Those who design on the basis of the approved construction method with common structural analysis software and the Cobiax software tool Quick & Light can not only trust the results of the calculations, but also rely on the regulated construction method with regard to dimensioning, execution and acceptance.

For construction companies

Your advantages of DIBt approval.

Environmentally friendly construction with voided concrete slabs is now just as easy as traditional construction with solid concrete slabs, but unlike solid concrete, it offers all the advantages of void-former technology: lower CO2 emissions, lower slab dead weight and therefore lighter overall structures.
Compared with the well-known Cobiax SL and EL, CLS paving elements are much easier to transport (six times the load per vehicle). Additional steel components for assembly are no longer necessary.
In addition, the assembly and installation of the structural formers is significantly easier than with conventional elements – the time required is reduced by approx. 70%! The use of CLS structural givers is therefore significantly more cost-effective.
It has never been easier to opt for sustainable construction!

For builders

Your advantages of DIBt approval.

The security of official approval: Until now, anyone who opted for environmentally friendly, sustainable construction with voided concrete slabs still had a residual risk in the back of their mind when using the new Cobiax CLS structural formers – has everything been designed and calculated in accordance with the acceptance requirements? Are the innovative installation elements being used correctly and are all of their advantages therefore on the client’s side?
These uncertainties have been eliminated once and for all with official approval from the German Institute for Construction Technology: Building with Cobiax CLS is certified as safe as building with solid concrete.

It was always safe.

But now it’s official.

Cobiax voided concrete slabs have been de-signed for maximum safety and ease of installation since the first prototypes. That’s the Cobiax brand DNA. But just as defining for Cobiax is the permanent drive for innovation, for better, even more technologically sophisticated solutions.
All Cobiax installation elements on the market now have general building authority approval from DIBt. This also applies to the most advanced Cobiax solution for contemporary construction with concrete – the Cobiax CLS.

Simple. Safe. Sustainable. Officially approved.

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