January 20, 2023

Cobiax promotes void former technology at Epoka University

After the large turnout for a Cobiax talk in December, Epoka University’s Faculty of Architecture and Engineering decided to host its own Cobiax event.

The English-speaking private university invited Cobiax sales engineer Nimete Spahiu to explain the immense advantages of building with Cobiax slabs to students of architecture and engineering. The participants listened to Ms. Spahiu’s presentation with great interest and many questions were asked at the end. An ever greater understanding is emerging of building with Cobiax and its fundamentally positive influence on all areas of a construction project.

During execution, the most diverse savings occur. First and foremost, of course, it is concrete, of which much less is needed, CO2, which is not produced when Cobiax is used, and the large spans that can be realized due to weight reduction. But the secondary benefits are also significant. Steel requirements, site traffic, foundation conditions, load-bearing elements. These aspects and more are optimized by the use of Cobiax. All this combined, at the end of a project, shows how profitable Cobiax voided slabs can be.

The participants of the Cobiax presentation got deep insights into the void former technology.

Cobiax would like to take this opportunity to thank the organizers for their great support in hosting the event.

The Cobiax team.

Images: © Cobiax


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