Cobiax CLS

(Concrete Lightweight Structures)

For wider scopes with all kinds of slabs - no matter how thick they are.

A new Sheriff is in town.

Cobiax CLS

Newly designed structural formers for the production of material-efficient, lightweight reinforced concrete slabs.

The innovative product line was developed especially with regard to optimized logistics, assembly,
simple handling on the construction site, robustness, safety and high performance for all slab thicknesses.

Technical Data.

Reduction of concrete

46 to 259 l/m2

Load reduction

114 to 649 kg/m2

CO2 reduction

0.01 to 0.054 t/m2

Void height

8 to 56 cm

Support height

10 to 58 cm

Bandwidth of slab thickness

20 to 86 cm

Definition of terms

To describe the Cobiax products unambiguously and clearly, we have agreed on a uniform set of terms. We would like to clarify these terms here in general.

1. System

When people talk about Cobiax in a practical sense, we speak of the Cobiax system or Cobiax technology. The Cobiax system or is used to build special slabs of reinforced concrete.

2. Slab

Slabs in which the Cobiax system is installed are called Cobiax voided flat slabs or simply Cobiax slabs. They consist of a void former zone on the one hand and a solid zone on the other. The installation elements are used in the void former zone.

Cobiax installation plan with blue underlaid void former zone. The solid zone is white.

3. Installation element

Installation elements refers to the objects that are actually to be built into the slab. They consist of different components depending on the product line.

The installation element of the Cobiax CLS product line is called a structural former. It consists of only one component:

  • 1 void former

This is what the installation element of the Cobiax CLS looks like.

The CLS installation elements are then simply placed together without a fixing element.

4. Component

The components of the installation elements of all product lines are called void formers.

The void former component of the Cobiax CLS is a square segmented into quarter circles and consists of 2 half shells.

The Cobiax CLS half shell.

Cobiax CLS has been used in the following projects:


Cantonal Bank of Uri


The new building in Altdorf brings a new type of service building for the canton of Uri directly at the cantonal railway station.

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