COBIAX | Wider scopes as an obligation

Wider scopes as an obligation

Cobiax is more than just a brand. The catch phrase „Wider Scopes“ extends far beyond the possibilities for modern slab technology. It is a commitment to providing more room for play for people, in the scopes and spaces in which they live and work.

Technological advantages

We consistently follow the path of technological progress: On the basis of scientific findings, with the profound engineering skills of technological pioneers and the support of global partnerships, it is our mission to provide leading architects, structural engineers and builders with the best voided flat plate slabs in the world.

Greater design freedom

But, the fascinating promise of the Cobiax technologies – „Wider scopes“ – does not only stand for outstanding building construction. It is also the postulate of company managers and employees, to use the created spaces, in order to achieve better results.

Better building, in all aspects

The better results do not only serve architects, structural engineers, construction companies and builders worldwide. They also improve the reputation of companies and people, aid progress and science and, last but not least, are good for the environment: Valuable resources are conserved and the CO2 emissions are reduced for every slab that contains Cobiax voided products.

The win-win superlative

In view of these comprehensive advantages in all sectors of modern building technology, the name of the superlative win-win situation becomes clear: Cobiax. Wider scopes.


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