From the beginning, until today.

Cobiax has characterised the history of the modern voided flat plate slab, from the beginning. Today, the Cobiax technology, which holds many patents and has received numerous awards, sets standards when it comes to free, modern design, sustainable weight and CO2 reduction, and safe building methods.

The idea of voided flat plate slabs already existed in ancient times. Even then, it was clear to the designers, that solid constructions exerted too much of a load, making large spaces impossible.

One of the earliest examples of a building that was not solid, is the Pantheon in Rome; “Cassettes” in the slab construction reduced the overall weight – the ceilings could be designed to span more generous expanses. For larger buildings, this voided principle was used into the middle ages, and it is still used today.

In the mid-1990s, the idea of voided flat plate slabs was reinvented – by making use of plastic void formers, “genuine” void former building became possible.

The Institute of Solid Building at the Technical University, Darmstadt, under the guidance of Gottfried Hofmann / BubbleDeck AG, has shown particular interest in this new option. One of the former doctorate students (Karsten Pfeffer, Managing Director at Heinze Cobiax Deutschland today) did his doctorate on this subject at the end of the 90s. Since then, he has been developing applications for this construction philosophy, for serial production.
2000 – 2004
The first pilot projects document the feasibility and sustainability of the technology in the practice. The products are further developed, continuously.
Technologies and products are given their current brand names. Cobiax becomes a symbol of superior voided flat plate slab technology.
The first serial products are ready for the market: Pro-Line and Eco-Line. The voided modules are geometric spheres from recycled plastic.
The second product line comes onto the international markets: Cobiax Slim-Line. The modules are elliptical ("slim"). They are suitable for slimmer slab constructions.
Cobiax Eco-Line is awarded DIBT certification.
Cobiax receives the Swiss Environmental Prize for the Reduction of CO2 emissions, through considerable reduction of the volume of concrete needed for construction. (The Swiss Environmental Prize is only awarded every two years. Projects that represent new technologies, processes or product-oriented novelties in the area of the environment are acknowledged.)
The Slim-Line products are optimised within the framework of a ZIM research project, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology, on the basis of a resolution passed by the German parliament.
Cobiax Eco-Line is awarded DIBT certification. Cobiax receives the Research Prize for Sustainable Developments from the Federal Ministry of Research and Education (Top 3).
The Heinze Gruppe takes over Cobiax.
The Slim-Line Click supplements the Cobiax range. This version facilitates the installation of the elements and the reinforcing, thereby increasing the safety and reducing the examination costs.
The product line receives Bronze at the Architects Darling Awards.
Cobiax presents its new market positioning featuring a new logo and a revised homepage. We are thus strengthening our position as a technology and market leader in void former systems for sustainable slab constructions.
The EcoLine becomes Cobiax EL. The SlimLine in all versions becomes Cobiax SL.
A newly developed and patented product joins our portfolio as Cobiax CLS (Concrete Lightweight Structures). The lightweight structural element for reinforced concrete slabs not only seamlessly continues with the previous Cobiax advantages but actually enhances them in many disciplines.




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At the beginning of every pioneering development, there are visionaries who turn theoretical possibilities into reliable technology. And strong people who are able to draw their will to succeed in the practical implementation of ideas, from the powers of possibility.

Jörg Tilmes


Karsten Pfeffer

Managing Director

Volkmar Wanninger

Managing Director

Georg Miedzik

Managing Director
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Cobiax is more than just a brand. The catch phrase "Wider Scopes" extends far beyond the possibilities for modern slab technology. It is a commitment to providing more room for play for people, in the scopes and spaces in which they live and work.
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