• It doesn't get any lighter:

    so far Cobiax technology has

    saved about 1.5 million tons of

    concrete worldwide.

  • Sustainable system:

    To date Cobiax as reduced

    CO2 emissions by about

    130,000 tons.

  • Lightweight Concrete slabs -

    Cobiax void former modules

  • Optimized slab concepts -

    from balcony slab to high rise

  • Simply round - void former

    modules provide advantages

    for all involved in building.

  • In use worldwide:

    Peréz Art Museum

    Miami, USA

  • Become a Cobiax sales

    partner and profit as part

    of the globally successful


Simple, but brilliant: Our technology

Cobiax has been developing light and environmentally sustainable void former systems since 1997. Patented technology replaces the massive concrete inside a reinforced concrete slab and makes it considerably lighter. This allows you to construct substantially more flexible, economical and sustainable buildings.



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Cobiax – in use worldwide

Building contractors, architects and planners of building structures are using Cobiax technology to create structures from single family homes to airports. More than 10 million square metres of Cobiax voided at slabs have been implemented to date, saving over 1.5 million tonnes of concrete. This also resulted in a reduction in CO2 emissions to the tune of about 130,000 tons – with upward tendency.



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