April 10, 2019

Weekend Seminar in the University of Sofia

Last Saturday, 30th of march, a gathering of more than 100 people, both students in their last years of architecture and engineering as well as young professionals, was held in the American University of Sofia, focusing on sustainability and innovation within the construction sector.

The Seminar was organized by the “Liders Academy” , an organization that focusses on establishing a strong bond and interaction between universities and the labor market. In the two hour workshop the participants learned a lot about our products, the structural design and its advantages. The advantages of the new CLS Line were demonstrated in a competitive group-game, where both Cobiax SL modules as well as the Cobiax CLS structural formers had to be assembled in the least amount of time. Cobiax was represented through its official Sales Partner for Bulgaria, CBX Bulgaria JSC.

Die Teilnehmer in Sofia zeigten großes Interesse an den Cobiax Produkten.

We asked Sales Manager Dobromir Georgiev and Venko Petkov, Managing Director of CBX Bulgaria JSC for their motivation to participate in weekend seminars with young professionals: “When I remember my time back here in this university”, claims Engineer Venko Petkov, “I always loved to participate in such events. You not only get the chance to learn about new technologies, you also get in touch with professional people from the industry which helps you to connect the theoretical contents transferred from Monday to Friday with practical experiences. We hope we could reach our listeners and sensitize them to the importance of making use of latest technologies while focusing on environmentally friendly approaches!”

The Cobiax Family thanks all attendees for being part of that event and CBX Bulgaria JSC for their dedication.

The Cobiax Team.

Bilder: © CBX Bulgaria JSC



La historia de Cobiax

La historia de Cobiax es una historia de innovaciones seguras, sostenibles y rentables en la construcción: imaginativa, asertiva y extremadamente exitosa en uso en todo el mundo.

Una historia que forma parte de las obras del siglo XXI decisivamente.

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Detrás de cada proyecto innovador, hay visionarios que desarrollan tecnologías fiables basándose en conceptos puramente teóricos. Se trata de personas fuertes, capaces de transformar la teoría en aplicaciones prácticas.

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Cobiax no solo es una marca. El principio guía "espacios amplios" va mucho más allá de las posibilidades de la tecnología moderna para forjados. Es un compromiso de mayor alcance para las personas y los edificios en los cuáles viven y trabajan.
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