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Hier het laatste nieuws uit de wereld van de bredere visies.

Newsletter 08|19 – Air instead of concrete

augustus 7, 2019

Cobiax is the one who knocks. An exciting newsletter about an exciting project in Mannheim, Germany. Saved time, saved concrete, saved CO2. Wider Scopes carried out with the acclaimed Cobiax voided flat slab technology.

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Construmat Barcelona 2019: Ready for Cobiax

mei 15, 2019

Distribution partner Ferros La Pobla answers the questions of the professional audience.

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Weekend Seminar in the University of Sofia

april 10, 2019

Last Saturday, 30th of march, a gathering of more than 100 people, both students in their last years of architecture and engineering as well as young professionals, was held in the American University of Sofia, focusing on sustainability and innovation within the construction sector.

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Large number of participants in Pristina, Kosovo

maart 27, 2019

Informative Seminar about Cobiax technology was held on March 21st at the Venus Hotel Pristina.

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Successful exhibition appearance in Lahore, Pakistan

maart 4, 2019

From 15th to 17th of February Cobiax Partner “Unison” was taking part in the national exhibition for building materials “IAPEX 2019”.

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Newsletter 02|19 – CLS given enthusiastic reception!

februari 21, 2019

The response from trade visitors to BAU 2019 was overwhelming: „The new CLS line is phenomenally practical."

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New Cobiax Official Youtube Channel

januari 20, 2019

Today we would like to provide the whole Cobiax community with its own Youtube channel.

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The BAU has opened.

januari 14, 2019

And Team Cobiax is ready ... :)

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Newsletter 01|19 – Future becomes the present

januari 9, 2019

The January newsletter simply carries one single message: our invitation to you. Come all to the Cobiax booth on the 'Bau 2019' fair and let yourself be inspired.

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Newsletter 12|18 – Superior on any terrain

december 8, 2018

Our December newsletter is 100% about our new product. The CLS is coming soon! And it will revolutionize the handling of voids in reinforced concrete slabs.

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Alle nieuwigheden uit de bouwwereld


Ledere baanbrekende ontwikkeling komt er door visionairs die theoretische mogelijkheden ombouwen tot betrouwbare technologie. En sterke mensen die de kracht hebben om de grenzen van het onmogelijke om te buigen.

Jörg Tilmes


Volkmar Wanninger


Georg Miedzik

Bredere visies als verplichting
Cobiax is meer dan een merk. Het motto „Bredere visies“ gaat verder dan de mogelijkheden die moderne vloertechnologieën bieden. Het is een principe van meer speelruimte voor mensen in de gebouwen waarin ze leven en werken.
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