Technology – Planning

An easy task – planning your Cobiax voided flat slab

Not only the concrete ceiling gets lighter, the planning itself is made easier through Cobiax technology.

Ideally, Cobiax voided flat slabs are planned early during the construction process as a slab system so the entire construction, including the foundation, utilizes the benefits of the reduced weight to its fullest advantage.


Planning of the Cobiax voided flat slab happens principally analog of a solid slab and according to nationally reinforced concrete norms. Specifically targeted correction factors are obtained to assess the extensively researched impact of the inner hollows in relation to the load bearing behavior and reach at least the same safety level of a comparable concrete slab without void formers. Please refer to your country specific documents about the correction factors or ask your Cobiax consultant.


Involve us

We would like to make the planning of your voided flat slab simple. Please involve our team as early as possible into the planning process. We will gladly clarify all static questions, provide technical advice or point out the economic advantages of our system.

Customized Construction:
Modules suitable for any project

Product Line Selection
Our consultants, as well as the documents corresponding to your country specific technical documentation, will assist you in selecting the correct Product line and suitable module size.


Consistent basic principle

The Cobiax cage modules are positioned between the bottom and top reinforcement layers in the slab's cross section where they also serve as supporting cages for the top reinforcement.


Cobiax – in use worldwide

Building contractors, architects and structural engineers are using Cobiax void former modules.

Simply round: our products

Universal and ubiquitous: Two module variants for lighter concrete slabs