Cobiax: All around eco-friendly

With the Cobiax void former system you are using ecologically effective technology that cuts down the emission of  eco-toxic pollutants up to 20 percent and primary energy demands up to 22 percent. In addition, you are building long-ranging value-optimized real estate.


The Reasons:


  • Cobiax void formers are exceptionally ressource-protecting recycling products.
  • Cobiax void formers offer an enormous savings potential in implementation practice.


Sustainable Resources: One hundred percent recycled products
Cobiax products are manufactured from 100 percent recycled plastics, hence the void formers varied coloring. Even with the possibility of deconstruction,  environmentally sound disposal is assured.


Sustainable implementation: Potential savings in construction

With Cobiax technology you can save up to 35 percent in floor load, and with that, in costly and pollutive building material. What's more: The entire building structure benefits from the reduction in slab weight. Not only are you further reducing expenses and material, you are also gaining environmental advantages.


In relation to the life cycle, bare brickwork uses a considerable share of a building's complete energy use. Particularly the concrete slabs bear the biggest mass – and volume bearing loads, hence offering the biggest savings potential in resources and energy.


Sustainable Awards

Cobiax technology has been internationally praised for its environmental effectiveness and innovation.


Sustainable Certifications

Cobiax technology has had a remarkably positive influence on international sustainability certifications like DGNB, LEED or BREEAM. The required assessment fundamentals for sustainable and integrated optimization of building concepts have been summarized in an internationally recognized environmental product declaration (EDP) based on a life cycle analysis (LCA). Cobiax has also been listed as one of the first companies in the “navigator“ of the German Society for Sustainable Construction (DGNB) – a valid overview for developers and architects to guide them in planning eco-friendly building design.


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