Products – Slim-Line

Application Range


  • Slab depth 20 -  45 cm
  • Void former height 100 -  260 mm
  • Particularly suitable for low slab depth
  • Exceptional savings potential of cost and material
  • Exceptionally eco-friendly construction
  • Suitable for spot projects in countries without distribution partners
  • Economical transport options


Slim-Line stands for the flattened version of our spherical Eco-Line patent – with outstanding impact: The “flat“ void former shape provides even more concrete lightness and makes it possible to build particularly slim slab depths beginning at 20 centimeters. Slim-Line void formers consist of two half shells that are joined together. The advantage of this innovative technology is the potential to save space through nestability.


The development of the recent Slim-Line product line is the result of intensive research. Slim-Line modules have been officially approved since 2013 and were shortly afterwards awarded with the BMBF-research prize „Sustainable Developments.“


Research for the Slim-Line product line was supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology based on a resolution of the German Bundestag.



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